Body and Mind

Whenever faced with a challenge I’ve always just pressed on. I didn’t put much thought into it other than getting from point A to point B. The in-between always seemed to fall into place. It was as simple as a formula.

A marathon, for example, I’d sign up, follow a training program that would prepare me for the race. Then run from start to finish.

A found a formula in all challenges. School, work, even projects around the house. Not much thought was needed when steps were there for me to follow.

My Breast cancer obviously was a different challenge. Faced with multiple surgeries, treatments, and long recovery ahead of me. I was caught off-guard…because of the uncertainty. There was no absolute beginning and end. No formula. Only ranges, percentages, time-frame differences. I was going to have to put thought into this challenge…lots of thought.

I had developed a daily yoga practice. Mostly because the studio was close, my friends went there…auto-pilot routine. I wasn’t there for the “fluffy” stuff; breathing, meditation, being present. I got in my workout and moved on to the next item of my to do list.

I’ve talked about how time stood still when I received my diagnosis. I resigned from my job and watched the clock tick. I had two months to wait till I could even start this cancer challenge. Lots of time to tick. Lots of time to tock. Which led to a lot of unsettling thought. I decided to channel that time and brain energy and focused on mentally and physically preparing for the 9 hour surgery….more yoga! This time I worked the “fluffy” stuff. Quieting my mind was not an easy task….I began one minute at a time.

It worked. I credit yoga for so much….yoga prepared my body and mind for the surgery and my recovery.

Naturally needing another challenge I decided to get my yoga teacher certification. OM Shanti Shanti ever since.

There is a pose that eluded me prior to surgery. I had been working on it for 2 years. Pincha Mayurasana. Forearm stand. This pose removes fear, and opens the third eye chakra to improve mental abilities…whatevs, right? Keep an open mind! Pincha Mayurasana can be a lot of work….it actually takes strong shoulders, arms and abs (Which I’ve always lacked). Lots of effort goes into finding the sweet spot of the pose, but once you find it there is hardly any effort. Depending on the day I can find the spot. That is how I am discovering this body/mind connection of yoga.

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