Season Transition

The boys are on there second week of online school but I’m not ready to let summer go!

I had lowered my expectations for summer obviously because of COVID, treatments, 2nd surgery, closed beaches, canceled flights, canceled college tours, canceled summer camps…

But I must add, I’m continuing with my great summer even though it’s now fall! Really I am!

Sure we made some modifications but summer was full of family, friends, beach, girl’s weekends, a couples weekend, lots of adult lunches, and even a surprise 50th celebration! Yep, I turned 50.

I can honestly say that a day or two will go by and “cancer” does not cross my mind. Sure it finds it’s way back, but I’m able to temper the thoughts as cancer does not have the hold on me it once did. I’m doing whatever I can to be in charge of body, mind and soul, and that has to be enough for now. I have stuff to do!

My doctor’s visit went as expected. No new updates. Still on the Tamoxifin and will be for at least the next five years. The side effects are either diminishing or I’m learning to live with….

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