Self-containment Stir-Crazy leads to Sassy Cut.

This morning we had to cancel a visit from my SIL and Niece in VA…disappointing but necessary. The third family visit we’ve had to cancel past two weeks due to the Caronavirus. Other than my walks I have not left the house. My kids too, no school, no music, no tennis, no friends.

Bored, I went down a YouTube rabbit hole…DIY hair cuts. Knowing I couldn’t pull this off myself my friend came over donned with mask and gloves. On the back porch we watched a couple more videos, sectioned off my hair and cut!

A fresh look always lifts the spirits! I think she did a great job! What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Self-containment Stir-Crazy leads to Sassy Cut.

  1. Love it, Lisa! You keep looking better on each update. Keep up those spirits, and the walks. And post a pic if you use Petals’ pink dye 😊 Love you bunches, beautiful!


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