Post-surgery check in!

I’m caught in another waiting game – awaiting pathology.
Since I chose to have my surgery at a different hospital system there was a bit miscommunication/delay in sending out my results so what typically would be a 2-week response is now 4…but as I mentioned before my definition of “time” has changed since diagnosed. I’m continuously reminded that this is a “slow-growing” cancer. I can’t say that puts my mind fully at ease.

Tick Tock

Pathology will determine Oncotype score.
Oncotype testing analyzes how the cancer tissue behaves and responds to treatment. The score also determines the chances of recurrence and will determine the chemotherapy treatment. We already know my cancer is estrogen-reactive and I will be on hormone therapy for the next 10 years.

I’m standing up much better, today I walked 2 miles. Farthest so far. It seems I can walk really well every other day. The next day my back pays the consequences. “No pain, no gain”.

Incisions are healing, my tummy…still tight. Imagine filling your tummy with air and stopping mid-breath. TIGHT! My DIEP Flap suture sites are healing and feeling is coming back. This is one of the benefits over implants. For now it’s lots of tingling the nerves and vessels are healing…kind of “un-nerving” feeling at times like my shirt is made of sandpaper. This is a good sign!

Too many to count! Family, friends and neighbors. The mail! I’ve read each card over again. My meal-train keeps my boys full and my kitchen mess-free. My parents “parenting” the boys dealing with grouchy mornings and miles of taxi service. The hubs who tends to my wounds, at my beck and call with icy water, hot coffee and middle-of-the-night pillow adjustments. He even vacuumed today. Yep, can’t say I have much to complain about!

Walking with Petals, my 13-year-old pooch. Loyal & never leaves my side.

10 thoughts on “Post-surgery check in!

  1. So glad you are able to be out and about. Happy you are healing. Take care of yourself. Here in Illinois the scare of the corona virus is real. So just be careful and be well. Hope you don’t have to deal with too much chemo or other difficult treatments.


  2. Take care of yourself! So glad you are feeling better and can get out to walk. Glad you have family to take care of you. You are strong and you will kick cancer in the butt!


    1. Soon, I’ll ride on over. I’m gonna need a break if all these boys are stuck with “online” classes…..OMG


    1. Thanks Kelli…so much! I had a bit of insomnia last night and your comment sparked me to look up all the old Chi O songs…..


  3. WOW, so much happening! Grateful for the good news and amazing support system. We continue to lift you up in prayer, for great results and speedy painless recovery. Your strength and determination sure is paying off, praying for that too. There is a virtual tour of museums link that the boys can keep busy with at times of boredom, (and while you nap) I’ll send you the link if
    interested… love you much!


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