Sweet Slumber

2D151B86-5F2A-48D5-BF66-C6F81836BC74Ive been home for almost thirty hours. Awake for maybe 4 of them. Im in good hands, mom, Bobby, boys, and friends are allowing time to move forward while I slow down and recoup. I slept in the recliner downstairs with B close by on the couch.

It’s Sunday morning, bright and early and already I have made a new friend! Don’t ask me her name but. She is awesome. She is my home health nurse.

I knew she was coming. I planned to wake early, shower, put on a cute pink mastectomy outfit. Have breakfast and wanted the pills already working their magic by the time she rang the bell….but instead I awake with a stranger smiling over me as I attempt to sit up, half clothed, and wiping drool off the side of my face. There is no time for vanity.

My nurse, like most, is a gem, she starts my day with a nod that I’m healing.

Im tired today. Exhausted really. I need to take a pill for nauseous, AJ wants to watch a show with me and I don’t even make the opening credits.

Temporarily I will be walking with a cane. I’m using muscles to stand that my body is not used to using. Two hour laters I take some more pills. I’m out again.

Bobby fashions a shower chair for me out of a laundry hamper. The shower feels so good. I stay till I’m wrinkly and the hot water runs cold.

Clean body, clean drains, and cute pink mastectomy clothes. I opt for a change of scenery and hang out in bed. I attempt to watch another show with AJ…..I can’t resist the comfort of my own bed and again failed to stay awake. I miss hanging with the kid. Despite me sleeping he stays.

Day is now evening and we are awaiting a dinner brought in by one of our amazing friends/neighbors. Mom wants to watch American Idol….our evening is planned!

XOXO, Lisa

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