Lion’s Story

8913F937-25FC-404B-B4D8-69D1CB7EC758If you’ve noticed almost every picture I’ve posted has a little lion in the background. His name, fittingly, is Dan DeLion. I want you to know Lion’s story….

My youngest son, AJ loves lions, he has hundreds of them, in fact his favorite lion still insists on sleeping with AJ (shh confidential info)

My brother Dan was terminally ill with cancer. Dan and AJ had a sweet connection. AJ a rambunctious 4-year-old, and Dan the gentle giant would read, sit and play DS for hours.

AJ gave Dan one of his beloved Lions. A token of love and courage. A 4-year-old recognized his uncle was in need. Dan DeLion gave Dan courage through his pain, his hospital visits and was a constant reminder of the quiet peaceful times of being with a loved one.

Imagine my tears of joy when my sister-in-law, Ana, sent me a care package and inside was Dan DeLion. I need him, I need his courage even though my cancer is not terminal. Lion is my constant reminder to fight, to be courageous. To remember the wonderful times with friends and family. Lion is a promise that there will be many more to come.

5 thoughts on “Lion’s Story

    1. Lisa, I love the lion story! I hope you keep the lion near you. You are a very beautiful woman. I pray for you and for what the future holds for all of our families. You are tough enough to kick cancer’s ass! Love and Kisses Nana


  1. Melts my heart to remember lions story… just yesterday he was getting his shower at home for his visit with you. Dad misses all of us and I’m sure he’s with you every step of the way


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