Two Days Post Surgery

We learned great news that only the sentinel lymph nodes were removed. This is a good sign that the cancer has not spread.

Last night I was able to get 3 hour increments of deep sleep. Throughout the night the nurses maintained their vigilance clearing drains, checking tissue, changing IV, countless pills, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature.

Regardless of the hour, in this case 3 am, going to the bathroom is quite the ordeal. Bobby was in such a deep sleep I resorted to throwing pillows and empty cups to wake him. We unhook cables, leg cuffs, monitors and I gingerly inch off the bed. Shuffling with my IV cart, and make the arduous journey to the bathroom. The journey back is another story in itself.

Last night, I received well-wishes from many, many friends and family. My mom and boys came for a visit And brought baskets of gifts full of love and well-wishes. My boys took turns walking me around the halls of the ward. I hope to see them tonight but there are weather warnings and we don’t want them on the roads.

This morning it took some time for me to get comfortable but right now I am feeling pretty good; teeth brushed, full belly, Bobby combed my hair up into a pony tail and I’m snug in my bed. Doctors say I’m healing beautifully and expect to leave Saturday or Sunday.




Gorgeous blooms from Oregon

Fluffy hugs from Canada

My First walk through the ward

AJ is the best escort

Sierra’s jar of joy

Mom brings the boys




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