5K is My New Marathon!

Saturday morning I put on my running kicks ready for the Crush Cancer 5K. I’m a runner. I just like to run. I’ve run countless miles. Two weeks after surgery, I knew I couldn’t walk, let alone run most the distance but I was gonna do it anyway! With special permission to “cheat” I “ran” most of the 5K on an electric bike.

I looked like a Shriner Clown in the parade but I didn’t care because I was determined to be a part of this community and the cause we were all there for! Cancer has impacted everyone in every way.

I “ran“ with my family, my friends, my neighbors. I did walk the last part of the 5K with my big boy, Justin and Pink Petals and sure I was the last to cross that line, but next year I plan to place!

Once over I was exhausted but had a great time. The rest of the day had me. cozied up in front of NetFlix.