Why Me? Part Two.

Hiking along the Harpreth River Narrows, TN

The name of my blog is a reminder….to not give all my energy over to something that can’t be controlled with worry, something that can happen to anyone at anytime for no reason. Why me? why not?

This past fall I changed Oncologists. I mentioned an area of concern that one of surgeons had noticed in a scan two years ago. My previous oncologist decided to “wait and watch” and that never sat well with Bobby and I. My new oncologist moved fast and immediately started to investigate. She ordered scans and referred me to a Thoracic Surgical Oncologist. He ordered detailed scans followed by two surgical biopsies.

First off we needed to rule out breast cancer. The second big concern was pancreatic cancer as detailed scans revealed not only a cluster of enlarged lymph nodes, but a messenteric mass was surrounding the celiac artery.

This leads us to March and once again, we “wait” …appointments, blood tests and consults.

My diagnosis, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Blood cancer.

Speed bump.

For two weeks we sat and setted with the idea of a surgically implanted port and R-CHOP chemo treatments. The thought of having to put my life on pause so that I may live made me angry and I was in disbelief. My body and mind have been through so much the past 2.5 years; breast cancer, pandemic, 6 surgeries, my brother’s death…even my big boy leaving home for college 2 states away….

Despite the past two years, I honestly have never felt as strong as I do now, physically and mentally.

My anger and disbelief softens.

So I began preparing for this pause in my life…so I can further life. Prioritizing things I wanted to continue for the short future and putting other things on hold. I knew I wanting to continue practicing and teaching yoga, so I decided no garden this year. A family vacation would unlikely happen over the summer so we planned a last-minute trip to Nashville the week before my treatments began. I researched diet and hacks for dealing with chemotherapy.

I cut off my hair.

Less than a week ago I added another Oncologist to my Anti-cancer army, her specialty; Hematology.

She describes my new cancer as a weed in the garden: we treat it, watch and when it grows back we treat again. Incurable, but treatable. She is the head of the department and a research Dr. So, a rock star in hematology oncology. She gave me some options for treatment. The top option was targeted therapy. Weekly infusions of monoclonal antibodies, a good place to start.

I’m ALL in.

Wham-bam we start Friday! For the next four Fridays I’ll be at the cancer center for 5.5-8 hours for treatments. After week 4 I take a break. Scans will tell if there is a response. If there is a reduction of more than 50% than we have a sign its working. If not, Dr has more options in her cancer arsenal.

So this means we are starting with a treatment plan that won’t be so hard on my entire body! Side effects aren’t as grueling. I can garden, likely vacation, I’m embracing this short hair, and of course, continue with yoga. I can still do it all, sure I’ll have to slow down a bit. But all my energies are going toward this treatment working….Why me? Why Not?

If you’d like to join me in this direct line please send a bit of your thoughts, love, energy and good vibes my way.

29 thoughts on “Why Me? Part Two.

  1. Lisa!Prayers and love sent your way!I am sorry you have to deal with this again!But you are strong❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  2. Lisa!!! You are one of the strongest women I know. I am so very sorry that you have to go down this road, but you’ve GOT THIS!! Love you & will be praying for you. ❤️❤️


  3. Lisa, your positivity and strength are powerful and encouragement to all of us. Sending positive vibes to my college friend. 💕💕💕


  4. Beautiful friend, you have been through so much. You are so tough and that strength is inspiring AF. I am going to send you massive positive vibes every Friday from all the way across the country.

    Big hugs to you, my first pregnancy partner in crime. ❤️


  5. Many, many prayers & positive & healing vibes being sent to you my friend & I will forever say FUCK CANCER!!😈


  6. To my sister warrior and one of the strongest women I know: girl, you got this. Carry out the plan, see it through and kick cancer’s ass to the curb. Sending positive vibes your way!!!❤️


    1. Takes one to know one! But really thanks for your vibes, your messages and insight over the past two years.


  7. Lisa,
    You are right, this is just a “speed bump.” You slow down and adjust. I love that you refer to it as that. Your Positive thinking and your strength will get you through this. This does not define you at all! Prayers and positive vibes going your way big time!


  8. Wow! I always knew you were strong but holy moly are you one BADASS woman!! Keep kicking cancer’s ass and living life to the fullest! Praying for you you and with you! Sending big love and hugs from Washington!! 💞🥰🙏


  9. Lisa I truly am left speechless. The beauty and gracefulness of your words filled with hope while trudging through this darkness are inspiring. I miss you and your sweet face. You are a warrior!! I will be praying big prayers for you my friend.


  10. Lisa, you are one of the strongest people I’ve ever had the opportunity to know. I’m lifting you up in prayer, and sending positive vibes your way. You’ve got this!!!


  11. Lisa, my heart is broken, I’m speechless with concern!
    You are such a strong person, I wish to have half of your mental strength.
    Stay strong, keep kicking A$$ and never let anyone steal your fire!
    Miss you BIG.
    Tina Dina


  12. I am so very sorry sweet friend. I had no idea that you were going through all this. I will keep you in my prayers.❤️


  13. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers – I admire your strength – I love your short hair and your smile just makes you even brighter.


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