One year.

A year ago I was in the midst of at 9.5 hour surgery. It’s crazy to think that is behind me. It is!

I’m caught up with my surgeries, I’ve had four in 2020! I just met with my oncologist and reviewed my MRI. All clear! With this news I am now “downgraded” to oncology appointments every six months. I will have to do more imaging this summer. And I continue the Tamoxifen therapy. A daily pill for the next 5-10 years.

Cancer has changed my perspective and my priorities. Pre/post diagnosis. This new label covers my everything, thoughts, dates, time, my body, holidays even my hair length…liken it to pre-post kids or pre-post divorce, pre-post election….you get the idea.

Pre-diagnosis I would push my deep thoughts away. Now I sit with them. Some days are for only a minute. But I need to reflect on this past year. I don’t need to validate or come up with a reason why. Just appreciate what myself and my family has experienced. I have many blessings to count. My tribe is alive and well, I am too.

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